Japan. The longest time I’ll spend in any one country, 88 days, pushing the limits of a tourist visa but still only time to scratch the surface of this country both geographically and conceptually. In order to organize my thoughts for writing this I made a list of what I did in Japan and the list alone was long enough to be a post. And so, because I have a lecture to prepare in China (!!!!) and an empty studio waiting to be filled with work, here are one hundred exclamations from Japan:

Tokyo! New Years! Earthquakes! Pasmo card! Shibuya! Shinjuku! Asakusa! Uniqlo! Meiji! Muji! Vending machines! Hostel friends! Karaoke! Heated toilets! Squat toilets! Strong zero! Fuji! Tofu! Shake Shack! Kamakura! Calorie Mate! Jump rope tournament! Sumo! Mt. Takao! I’m 23! Snow! Leandro Erlich! Yuta Nakamura! Denki Buro! Design Sight 21-21! Squid! 7-11! Udon! Soba! Sushi! Okonomiyaki! Kinako! Burritos! Mashiko! Shino! Oribe! Tenmoku! Raw clay! Throwing! Teaching throwing! Guacamole! Cat! Rabbit! Strawberries! Kilns! Nanotechnology expo! Bioart conference! Ionat Zurr! Casio! Slippers! Ueno! Ice Cream! Reading books! Coffee! Pizza bun! Tokyo Marathon! Hakuba! Snow monkeys! Nagano! Sake! Baseball! Shinkansen! Kyoto! Zen gardens! Raku! Chocolate! Kyle and Adam! Chicken hearts! Raw chicken livers! Go! Bikes! Road construction! Yakitori! Uji! Nara! Earth-touching mudra! Tea ceremony! Cherry Blossoms! Ferry! Lawson! Naoshima! Teshima! Chichu Art Museum! Walter De Maria! Lee Ufan Museum! Benesse House! Takoyaki! Bizen! Onsen! Osaka! Odd Five! Gyoza! Mont Bell! Curry donut! Noah and Will! Aquarium!

P.S. If it seems like a lot of these are food-related you’re not wrong it’s about ¼ of them.

P.P.S. As always, more photos on instagram.com/rocksandclay!